VIDEO: Will Smith, Kanye West, and Drake Laughing at Meek Mill Memes Goes Viral

Just when we thought that Meek Mill had been humiliated enough, Will Smith joins the mocking trend.
For a while now rapper Meek Mill, boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, has become the laughing stock for many after a beef he deliberately started with Jewish-born rapper and singer Drake went wrong.
Drake earlier on went to the OVO Fest, wearing a shirt with Meek Mills face on it with the bold inscription “Free Meek Mill”, and then projected some funny memes and tweets on a big screen behind him during his performance.

Could this get any worse than one of the biggest movie stars in the world, a guy who refused to even curse in his music, laughing at memes of you on his phone with Kanye and Drake. R.I.P MEEK

Watch Video Here:

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