Watch: Pastor Brian Amoateng Apologises For “Churches Aren’t Supposed To Buy Hand Sanitizers For Its Members” Comment

President of Brian Jones Outreach Ministries which is headquatered in London, Pastor Brian Amoateng received a lot of backlash from celebrities and a lot of Ghanaians when he opined that churches aren’t supposed to purchase hand sanitizers for its members.

However, there’s been a U-turn as he has apologized for those insensitive comments.

He claimed that what he said was taken out of context and urged everyone to get the full video of what he said in order to get a better perspective of what really happened.

However, what’s shocking in his ‘apology’ is that he claimed he was explaining how to use a hand sanitizer to his members instead.

Bottom line is of he wants to apologize, he should take full responsibility for his actions and not try to throw sand into people’s eyes.

Watch video below: