Where is Mabel Jansen? Biography, Husband, Age, Children, Net Worth, Allegation, Rise & Fall of the Judge

Where is Mabel Jansen? Biography, Husband, Age, Children, Net Worth, Allegation, Rise & Fall of the Judge

When one thinks of judges, they often picture individuals sitting in a courtroom, diligently maintaining the law and order of the land. However, every now and then, there are instances where individuals in such positions of power fail to uphold the standards expected of them. One such example is that of Mabel Jansen, a former judge in South Africa, who rose to infamy due to her controversial statements made on social media.


Before she became the controversial figure that she is today, Mabel Jansen enjoyed a relatively successful career as a judge. Born in 1953, Jansen earned a degree in law from the University of Cape Town before being appointed as a judge in 1998, where her primary focus was on family law cases.

Husband, Age, Children

Little is known about Jansen’s personal life, including her husband, age or children. She has largely kept her personal life separate from her professional persona.

Net Worth

Unfortunately, Jansen’s infamy has caused some to speculate on her net worth, which remains unknown.


The controversy surrounding Jansen began in 2016 when a series of Facebook messages attributed to her began to circulate on social media. In these messages, Jansen claimed that rape was a cultural norm among the black population and that they found nothing wrong with it. She went on to state that black men, in particular, had a tendency towards violence and that service delivery protests were nothing more than an excuse for criminal behavior.

Rise & Fall of the Judge

Jansen’s comments caused quite a stir across South Africa, with many calling for her immediate removal from the bench. While Jansen denied that the messages were actually from her, she was suspended pending an investigation into her conduct by the Judicial Service Commission.

In 2017, Jansen resigned from her post before the investigation could be completed, citing health reasons. However, many believe that her resignation was a direct result of the controversy she had generated.

The fallout from Jansen’s comments still continues to this day, with many calling for her to be held accountable for her views. At the same time, others have drawn attention to the larger problem of racist attitudes within South African society, which continue to be a source of tension and unrest.

In conclusion, the case of Mabel Jansen serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of holding individuals in positions of power accountable for their words and actions. Despite the controversy surrounding her, however, one cannot help but wonder where Jansen is today and what her future holds. As with many infamous figures, it seems that only time will tell.