Who stars in the drama film “The Life Ahead” on Netflix?

Are you a drama queen like me? If so, you must have watched a lot of Netflix dramas. They have a large collection of brilliant dramas with amazing storylines, cinematography, and actors. Today, we’ll be focusing on one of their drama flicks, and I’ll be telling you all about the stars of this enthralling movie.

If you’re hunting for a thrilling yet heartbreaking drama, then Netflix’s latest release might be your pick. The title of this film is a mouthful, but it’s worth remembering- “The Life Ahead.” It’s an Italian film that will make you love and appreciate life and the people in it. The movie’s lead actors are young and old, and they’re both equally talented!

Sophia Loren as Madame Rosa

After a hiatus of over a decade, the legendary actress Sophia Loren returns to the screen with this captivating movie. Loren plays the role of Madame Rosa, a former sex worker who now takes in and raises the children of fellow sex workers. Loren’s performance is simply outstanding; she gives her character depth, bringing out the struggles and joys of her life. With a career spanning over six decades and more than 90 acting credits to her name, Loren proves she’s still got it.

Ibrahima Gueye as Momo

The other lead of the film is the young and talented Ibrahima Gueye, who plays the role of Momo. He’s a Senegalese immigrant who becomes Madame Rosa’s unlikely caretaker. Gueye’s performance is powerful and emotional, he brings out the complexities of Momo’s life. This is only his second film, but he’s already making a name for himself with his impeccable acting skills.

Babak Karimi as Hamil

Babak Karimi plays the role of Hamil, a man who’s in charge of keeping the kids in check while Madame Rosa is out working. Although his character is a bit stern, Karimi’s portrayal is heartwarming, and his love for the children is evident. He’s a renowned Iranian actor, and in addition to his brilliant acting, he’s also a successful writer and director.

Renato Carpentieri as Dr. Coen

Another seasoned actor in the film is Renato Carpentieri, who plays Dr. Coen. He’s the man who takes care of Madame Rosa, and he’s also Momo’s guardian. Carpentieri’s performance is solid, and he brings depth to his character, highlighting the importance of love and care.

Iosif Diego Pirvu as Lola

Iosif Diego Pirvu plays the role of Lola, one of the children under the care of Madame Rosa. He’s a Romanian actor, and his portrayal of Lola is realistic and nuanced. Lola’s journey is a heartbreaking one, and Pirvu does justice to his character.

Abril Zamora as Africa

Abril Zamora plays Africa, another one of the children under Madame Rosa’s care. Her character is bold and spunky, and she has a unique friendship with Madame Rosa and Momo. Zamora’s performance is impressive, and she effortlessly brings Africa’s character to life.

Massimiliano Rossi as Spagnolo

Another supporting actor in the film is Massimiliano Rossi, who plays the role of Spagnolo. He’s a criminal who crosses paths with Madame Rosa and Momo and ends up affecting their lives. Rossi’s performance is intense and gripping, and he brings out his character’s evil nature with ease.

Cinzia Sorrentino as Sonia

Cinzia Sorrentino plays Sonia, a social worker who’s assigned to oversee Momo’s wellbeing. Her performance may be brief, but it’s impactful, and she brings out the complexities of her character.

Benedetto Decimo as Celeste

Last but not least is Benedetto Decimo, who plays Madame Rosa’s neighbor, Celeste. He’s a sweet and funny character who brings some lightness to the otherwise heavy storyline. Decimo’s performance is charming, and he has great chemistry with Loren and Gueye.

“The Life Ahead” is an excellent film with a stellar cast. Sophia Loren and Ibrahima Gueye give brilliant performances that are sure to tug at your heartstrings. The supporting actors, including Babak Karimi, Renato Carpentieri, and Abril Zamora, are also fantastic and add depth to the story. If you’re a fan of drama films, this one should be on your watchlist.