Why Ghana Music Award Board Must Nominate SHATTA WALE

Over the years, Charterhouse and the Ghana Music Award board have made us believe the award is based on POPULARITY — in order words, how popular a musician and or his or her song were/was for the year under review.

Based on this principle, SHATTA WALE deserves nomination into 2016 VGMA — because Shatta and his songs were very POPULAR for the year –2015, under review.

If the board refuses to nominate Shatta based on his believed-defamatory and wild allegations at Charterhouse, it will cast a big aspersion on their credibility — why?

First, it is Charterhouse that has dragged Shatta to court for him to be trialed for ALLEGEDLY defaming them and not the VGMA BOARD.

Charterhouse and the VGMA BOARD are separately autonomous — So therefore, VGMA BOARD shouldn’t refuse Shatta nominations for his conduct which Charterhouse feels offended for.

Maybe i should fairly state that I’m yet to be informed that Charterhouse sued Shatta on behalf of the VGMA BOARD — yes, I’m yet to!!Shatta-Wale-fingers-fan

If the VGMA BOARD don’t nominate Shatta because Charterhouse is in court with the said musician, it means the whole impression that Charterhouse and the VGMA BOARD are separately independent is a BIG FAT LIE — they have deceived the public all these years.

If the VGMA BOARD feels Shatta defamed them or put a question mark on their credibility and integrity, then they should have stated so last year separately from Charterhouse or also drag Shatta to court.

Secondly, if the VGMA BOARD refuses Shatta nominations, it means they largely influence the categories in the award scheme that involves MAJORITY VOTES — but have deceived the public all these years.

If they don’t influence those categories, then they should nominate Shatta and leave the MAJORITY VOTES to the public whilst they too cast their votes.

By Osarfo Anthony