Wonna Stay Chaste? Joe Mettle Reveals How To Fight Off That Stubborn Yet Inevitable Sex Urge

The urge to have sex is one thing which is inevitable so long as one’s human and fighting it off most ofen that not proves to be a herculean task. Is there a way one can fight off this urge? Well, celebrated gospel musician, Joe Mettle has revealed the strategy he uses to ward off his sexual urge since he’s not yet married.

And considering the hike in immorality, Joe Mettle’s advice will really come in handy.

Joe Mettle

Joe Mettle revealed that when he is tempted with the desire to have sex, he prays and studies God’s word – in order to get his mind off it.

He espoused that it’s only by focusing on God’s word and constantly praying that one can subdue his/her sexual urges since it’s a very tough feeling to conquer.

He further advised the youth of today who double up as the future of tomorrow to focus on their goals and not waste away scarce time by chasing things that don’t really matter thus their need to satisfy their sexual urges at all cost.

Watch the video below: