This love thing eh. Well, do we love for a reason or we love simply because it is the most humane thing to do? Some posit that we ought to love because that’s the best thing to do whiles others are of the view that we must love because of a particular reason…..and the validity of the reason makes the bond stronger. Let’s leave this debate to the philosophers, eh?

Well, a Nigerian Facebook user known as Mercy Ada Jesus has caught the eye of many people as she heaped “unheard” of praises on her boyfriend – highlighting her boyfriend’s superior sexual capacity.

What did she say? You wouldn’t want to know……she described her boyfriend as her: womb shifter, pussy general manager, pussy watering machine, pussy keyholder and lock amongst a host of other mouthwatering adjectives which can be seen below:

Furthermore, she even prayed that her boyfriend gets enough money within a year or two in order that her bride price be paid – it doesn’t even matter if it’s a bottle of fanta, “her people go collect am”. What good sex can do….chaiii!