Rebecca Donald Knott in an Instagram live video has jabbed Kumawood Actress cum Musician Yaa Jackson on statement made on her recent controversial delay interview.

Yaa Jackson, the tear rubber singer who was once in the movie industry precisely Kumawood movies has over the weeks and currently trending as a result of her assertions which has made headlines. Some of her statements sinking deep into the media include;
If you are a broke guy, Yaa Jackson shouldn’t be your preference. In an interview, she warned broke Ghanaian men not to approach her for she wants men who are rich and can provide her all her needs. She also stated she dumped an MP she was dating as a result of his inability to open a boutique for her. In an interview on the Delay show, she claimed she’s a model.

Yaa Jackson

This didn’t go down well for Ghana’s outstanding model, Rebbecca Donald Knot who is a British Ghanaian model and recently represented the nation on the Aurora International charity foundation which was inline with the United Nations world international day of charity. She schooled her on her career choice by saying “she can never be a model she is no model, she is a confused little brat who needs proper navigation about her career choice”.

We want to quiz the general public, do you side with Rebecca Donald Knot or her assertions was a personal attack. Let’s get communicative on the blog.
Watch Rebecca’s video below