10 Struggles Every Nail Polish Lover Goes Through


Every kind of human being goes through some sort of struggles, whether you are a lover of soccer or a fashion freak. Sometimes, you get to conclude that you are the only one who goes through that, but people in the same love for something group with you goes through the same thing.

Today, we are focusing on nail polish lovers, and I am a nail polish lover myself, but sadly, I am not an expert when it comes to nails and nail polish. I realized the struggles are real when it comes to nail polish lovers like me, so we all in this together.

You and I.

my nails look fabulous

  • You see a nail art photo online and you pin it on Pinterest to save it for later. The day come for you to try the nail art but you fail miserably achieving the look.
  • You cannot pee, eat, sneeze or do anything because you just painted your nails. The least movement and everything is destroyed. Which takes us to the next struggle.


  • You get a call while your nails are still wet. You decide to answer and your hair strand leaves a mark on the freshly painted nails.
  • You get shocked when you open the nail polish bottle and everything is dried up because you can swear that the cover was completely closed tight. How did this ever happened???
  • When you are painting your nails and one gets smudge and you have to do the entire nail again. Ugh.
  • You despise chipped nails. You just want to go over and tell her, Girl, get your nails done.
  • You feel naked when you have bare nails


  • The moment you ran out of nail polish remover. Huh? It’s a necessity.
  • When you reapply nail polish on a chipped nail, and they look like contour lines on your nails. One spot is lighter than the other.
  • You don’t want to be reminded of the amount of money you spend on nail polish. Yes! I know, I could have used it to pay for the books I am buying for class.

So, don’t worry nail polish obsessed ladies. We all in this together