Youtube is a great platform to find videos on virtually any topic you’re interested in. From funny videos, to latest gadgets and movies — the online streaming platform virtually meets the needs of people from all walks of life.

With this said, we’ve narrowed their database search to these 5 TV series which are making waves on Youtube. They’re movies which the youth can relate to and we hope you’ll enjoy our list. Watch any of these movies online in case you’re having a boring day.


The YOLO TV series was written to be very educative, informative and entertaining but most importantly, it is designed to tell the story of how Young people today are growing up in interesting times than cohorts before them; staying in school longer than time spent with parents, more exposed to technology and a wide range of information. How peers can totally influenced the life of the youth these days and how some youth make up stories these days just to fit into a certain class of people.


2. ‘NO LIE.’

“No lie” is a Youtube-based series produced by Video Ghana in partnership with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology KNUST. The video was shot on KNUST campus and it’s about students life on campus.


What’s Up is written and directed by Horla Manuvor Jnr and follows the lives of six young adults and how they met each other through social media. The series highlight the youth’s acceptance of social media and how relationships are built through online acquaintances. It throws light also on how useful social media can be used for good and not just fun and entertainment.

4.Guy Guy

“Guy Guy” is a captivating comedy drama which features some of Ghana’s finest actors. Each episode is refreshing with appearances from Ghana’s favourite celebrities.

The primary objective of this TV drama is to showcase the lifestyle of the Ghanaian youth and how they react and deal with various issues in the society. The show is educative in spite of its genre. Comedy and music have proven to be one of the most effective ways of educating people on social issues.

The show is designed for the whole family. A show that children, parents, and grandparents can watch together and have a good laugh.


5.Shatta Girls

Shatta Girls is an interesting series which talks about the life of three bad girls who decided to be friends.


Which one have you watched and which one is your favorite?