Shatta Movement Family, SM for short is undoubtedly one of the biggest crowd base in Ghana.

The movement is made up of young, energetic and die hard fans of Shatta Wale who are ardent followers of his music.

The SM family just like any other family look out for each other — touch one and it becomes a whole witch hunt.

Here are five reasons why you need to be a part of this great family.

1. You get to win a car

Yes! you heard it right. For being part of the SM family, you automatically qualify to win yourself a car.

A lucky fan of the Dancehall artiste received a brand-new car from the act on New Year’s Day.

The car, a Toyota Camry, was given to the diehard fan of the artiste as part of his way of showing appreciation to his aficionados.

2. You get to win free tickets to his events.

Shatta through his appreciation for his followers constantly dash out free tickets to events.

If you want a free ticket to one of his concerts, then simply follow him on his social media pages and ask him.

Being part of the family means you get to see him perform on stage for free.

3. You get to perform with him on stage

Yes, Shatta Wale selected 10 of his die-hard fans to perform some of his songs with him on stage.

And being part of the SM family means you get the chance to be one of the lucky winners to share in his glory.

What more do you need?

4. Shatta Wale will acknowledge you.

Shatta Wale is one of the few artistes who listens to his fans and acknowledges them on every stage.

According to him his fans are his everything and therefore does not joke with them.

This explains why he respects and always show his appreciation for their support.

5. Shatta Movement is more than a family

Members of the SM family help each other out, they are a movement with similar goals and vision.

They may not be related by blood but the bond between them go beyond a “red-colored substance”.