‘Some Actors Are Deadly’: Agya Koo Makes Shocking Revelations About Kumawood

Nana Ama McBrown revealed sometime ago that she was poisoned on set twice and this time around popular Kumawood actor, Alexander Kofi Adu, affectionately called Agya Koo, says that some fellow actors conspired to kill him spiritually as they were finding it extremely difficult to compete with him.
The ace comedian, who virtually resurrected the dead local movie industry in the early 2000s, shockingly revealed that some of his colleagues contracted a witchdoctor (Juju man) to spiritually transform him into a cow and bury it alive.

“A colleague actor and three others turned me into a cow and buried it so I would die gradually as the cow rots,” he said.

The veteran actor speaking on Atinka FM, he said it took God’s grace for one to ‘reign’ more than a year in the local movie industry.

He added that, apart from the use of black power, backbiting and sabotage in the industry, “Producers bury posters of movies from other producers just to stop people from patronizing those movies.”

Agya Koo said the industry has become so deadly that actors and actresses neither eat nor drink water when on set.

Their movies are all about ‘killing spiritually’ so why is he surprised they’re doing it for real?