AUDIO: Beware Of This New Scam Evolving In Ghana

For years now, scammers have been evolving and day-in day-out their methods are also changing.
It is hard to tell which very method you’ll be duped with, however, creating awareness on any of their known antics is really a blessing for those who are vulnerable in such situations.

A new scamming method has been discovered and this is how it works, a private number will call you (mostly by a depressed woman) claiming that he/she is outside the country (mostly London). This anonymous caller will try to convince you that he/she mistakenly sent an undisclosed amount of money together with some items to you and wants it delivered to them as soon as possible.


The sickening part of this issue is that, the number will appear “Private Number” making it hard to trace the caller’s identity. eOnlineGhana.Com has been furnished with an audio of a conversation which ensued between one of this fraudsters and a lucky victim. According to our source, there have been several cases of people who have fallen prey to this new scamming method and as such public awareness is strongly needed.

If you’ve been a victim, you can share your story with us by sending me a personal email to [email protected] and I will get back to you.

You can listen to the audio below to arm yourself against these scammers:

YouTube video