“He who doesn’t know where he comes fron is definately ignorant of where he’s going”. Ghana is a country which has over the years suffered the fate of a lack of identity. Recently, fury was sparked when the government made a decision to “adopt” French as a second language without giving credence to the variety of local dialects existing in the nation.

In the Ghanaian movie and music industry, the same lack of ingenuity which stems from a lack of identity is profoundly seen.

In the wake of that, Shatta Wale has issued strong words to Ghanaian music video directors. Firstly, I thihk Shatta Wale ought to express his anger at the director of his “My Level” video.

In a tweet sighted by eonlinegh.com/, Shatta Wale bemoaned a lack of creativity from Ghanaian music video directors and urged them to stop copying from their Nigerian counterparts. He further opined that there’s the need to portray more of our Ghanaian culture.

Well, we hope to see Shatta Wale walking the talk!