Berla Mundi kicks off her B.You Campus tour with a visit to UDS, Tamale

Award-winning media personality, Berla Mundi kicked off her B.You Campus tour at the Tamale campus of the University for Development Studies. Ms. Mundi, the winner of the 2018 TV Entertainment Show of the Year is demonstrating her commitment to providing opportunities to Ghana’s youth by organizing scholarships, internships, job opportunities, and angel financing for new businesses to college students through the B.You Project. “I am a child of Ghana. It is important for me to utilize my platform to help build a foundation for success for the future entrepreneurs of my home,” she said.

Berla Mundi

Ms. Mundi, The Late Afternoon Show host, was accompanied by award winning news anchor, Serwaa Amihere. The two media stars met and interacted with over 200 ladies on topics ranging from: ‘My insecurities don’t define me’ to ‘Going from underrated to boss!’

Ms. Mundi and Ms. Amihere provided over 2 hours of personal interaction where the ladies in attendance revealed some of their deepest secrets, and discussed at length their challenges as young adults.

“Young women in Ghana are an amazing resource that we, as a country, must tap into and support. The opportunity to share my experiences and to provide support and training for college students throughout Ghana is a passion of mine. I hope that everyone takes the time to listen to hear the lessons that I have learned in the media business. My partners and I are committed to providing training, scholarships and job opportunities,” said Ms. Mundi.

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