In reference to the annual University of Professional Studies SRC Women’s Commission Week Celebration coming off from the 26th Feb to 5th March 2017, the entire student body with Hyperlink Promo Ghana and the Berla Mundi Foundation are embarking on a Charity Trip from UPSA campus to the Madina Market to support the Kayaye.

Over the years, women has supported other women in various ways. The feminine push for these institutions are geared towards supporting and impacting the Kayaye. These women are strong women physically who strive hard positively to make ends meet through the thick and thins. There are soo many threats and problems they face such as child care, rape and security from some interactions with them.

We seek and influencing them with positive talk from Berla Mundi and others from the teams. Educating them on basic health and child care, sex safety, human safety and support them with some items.

This project is set to be on the Thurs. 2nd March, 2017 at 8am where we take off from UPSA campus to the Madina Market.

All are invited to support and positively impact the vulnerable but strong at heart.