Bungee Fitness: 5 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

What Is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee Fitness: 5 Lesser Known Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
Bungee: (PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest)

Bungee fitness is a new form of cardio exercise which involves the use of a sturdy low-rigged bungee. Participants exercise by bouncing, spinning, jumping and gliding just above the floor. It’s a fun way to exercise while staying fit.

Here are five things to know before about bungee fitness:

1. Bungee involves a number of cardio-based exercises

An interesting fact about bungee is that it’s cardio-intense exercise. This means it involves a lot of jumping, running and lunges. It is therefore not recommended for people who have a lot of challenges performing these activities.

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2. There are weight restrictions in bungee fitness

Bungee classes have several limitations and most of the programs recommend that your body weight must be between 90 – 225lbs. Of course, the required body weight may depend on where you’ll be taking the class — it’s, therefore, important to check with the instructor or the website beforehand.

3. Not everyone can do bungee

Bungee fitness classes are not recommended for pregnant women or persons with any form of chronic pain or a medical condition involving the shoulders, wrists, hands or low back.

Also, in most cases, participants must be at least 15 years old.

4. Bungee fitness is designed as a full body training

​Bungee fitness is full-body training — which means you get to train in exercises that will engage every muscle of your body. This basic intro class is the place to start. The basic techniques of bungee fitness include balance, squats, jumps, and push-ups. It combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout and using your body weight to push against the bungee cord.

5. You can still try bungee even if you are scared of heights

There is no problem for first-timers looking to try bungee but are scared of heights. Instructors usually start to build participant’s confidence taken off slowly from the ground. More complex movements are introduced later on as your confidence grows. You shouldn’t worry if you are scared of heights, you will be fine! And it’s completely safe as well.