Call For Application: British Council Creative Enterprise Support Programme (FILM)

If you have been looking for that opportunity to harness and grow your creative skills in the area of film — the chance to show what you are really made of and to collaborate with other brilliant, creative and professional minds in Ghana, is here.

At British Council, we work with the best of creative talent to develop innovative, high-quality projects and collaborations with artists and cultural institutions around the world and by so doing, we secure good relationships with creative partners internationally to deliver exciting projects from theatre and dance to visual arts and design.

As part of our Sub-Saharan Africa Creative Economy Programme, we have launched the Creative Enterprise Support Programme in Ghana, which aims to help young, talented and budding film entrepreneurs in the development of successful businesses, which will create job opportunities and prosperity in the respective countries. The programme is designed to offer enterprise, artistic, technical and skills training to existing and potential film and entrepreneurs in Accra.

Successful applicants (film entrepreneurs) will have the opportunity to participate in a two-phased programme, led by experienced professionals working in the film industry in Ghana and the UK. The first phase will be a 2-week intensive training programme followed by a 6-month incubation programme for those who make it to the next phase.

The incubation programme which will include mentoring, coaching, internships opportunities, and much more. It promises to be a thrilling and beneficial journey as the top five entrepreneurs, by the end of the programme, get the unique opportunity to get grants.

We urge all film entrepreneurs (producers, directors, scriptwriters, actors, production company owners and other film roles) in Accra to apply and participate in the Creative Enterprise Support Programme taking place in Accra from November 2019 until May 2020.

Deadline for applications is 27 September 2019.

If you are interested, please apply via our website or this link:

We certainly hope you take full advantage of this opportunity.