Can Ghanaian Music Videos Do Without Bum Bum Shaking By Ladies – Edem’s “The One” Video Redifines It – WATCH!

It is arguably true that sekx indeed does sell and therefore most of our visuals on television screens are mainly sexually suggestive or explicit in terms of its lyrical content.

It is not uncommon to find young ladies – mostly the fair and bleached skin ones — shaking their bum bum or modelling aimlessly in music videos. The most annoying part of it all is the fact that at times most of these songs are basically unrelated with the bum shaking of these ladies. What I mean to say is that the video will do just fine without them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in anyway against video vixens since the culture of hip hop/hip life videos in general virtually can’t survive without them — and considering the fact that about 70% of these songs made under these categories are done to praise ladies.
No wonder Nicki Minaj’s much-discussed “Anacondavideo smashed Vevo’s record for the most views in 24 hours, racking up 19.6 million clicks in the first day of its release — topping yet another raunchy video by previous record-holder Miley Cyrus, whose “Wrecking Ball” clip garnered 19.3 million views over 24 hours. It makes sense in their part of the world even though most of the music lovers over there frown on such explicit videos — but adulterating that culture into our Ghanaian music videos — is that really the way forward? Should we copy and do it blindly to sell songs out here?
My dad once told me that “the fact that everyone is doing the wrong thing doesn’t make it right”.
On the issue of lyrics which most of the times are sexually suggestive, award winning rapper M.anifest in his song “maka maka” said and I quote ” So many issues around worth discussing, why these rappers talking about nothing much, if you aint got much to say charlie hush”!
After watching Edem feat Sway “The One Remix” Video, I realized an artist can make the best video without necessarily involving ladies shaking their bum bum all over the screen.
The video virtually depicts the history of Ghana in a way which is emotionally stimulating. The video was shot and Directed by Award winning Producer Gyo Gyimah.
Edem last year won best special effects for his “Heyba” music video and we hope that he scores more top notch this year too with this creative piece. Why am I praising Edem’s music video when there are so many others out there which are also equally good as his — is simply because “The One” music video tells a story, not just any story but our own. The others may be good but how many of such videos really tell a story — I stand to be corrected basing my argument on recently released Ghanaian music videos.
In conclusion, we hope more music videos and songs can take a cue from this piece — the “naked” models era in music videos are gradually becoming boring to watch!

Watch video below!

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