Model and Presenter Deborah Vanessa may be talented in different fields but doing music is arguably not one of them and some fans have had enough.

In the past, she had been able to get away with songs like “Uncle Obama”,”Kikoliko”, “Little Light” and “Borla” with the former being her major breakthrough single.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was her latest single “never leave you” which she released on her birthday for her fans.

She later followed up with a video starring her boyfriend and rapper Medikal.

Honestly, the music is so bad that when I heard it play I begun searching for a volume which was lower than mute.

And apparently I’m not the only who’s worried about her music — some fans have also expressed their views, pleading with the self acclaimed “African Mermaid” to drop the music and concentrate on her modelling career.

Few hours after dropping the video on her page, these comments were posted below it

The music video which is much commendable however has garnered over 1K views since its release 2 days ago.

Watch the music video below and tell us what you think