Steven Ackah To Chair G200 Youth Summit World Economy Committee

Steven Blessing Ackah, a young dynamic and intelligent Ghanaian, whose immense influence, cuts across the world is honoured to Chair the NEW STRATEGIES FOR FINANCIAL SECTOR AND WORLD ECONOMY COMMITTEE under the Ministers for Economy Delegation at the upcoming G200 Youth Summit facilitated by the President of G20Y Association.

About the G200 Nomination
With endorsements from H.E. Ambassador Professor Dr. Tal Edgars- UN Ambassador to Africa, and Mrs. Ana Manduley Atarodian, US Based and Co- Founder of UAE- AFRICA MDC, Mr. Ackah was nominated to join the G200 Alumni Association and was extended the role to chair one of the Committees.

The G200 Youth Forum will be the largest international event organized for young leaders in 2017, and about 300 young leaders, parliamentarians, students and academics, representatives of the business world, governments and international organizations will be participating in it

The result of the G200 youth summit will be a final Communique (recommendation) discussed and approved by the participants. Subject Communique will be disseminated throughout the world and shared with the Heads of States and leading international Organisations such as the IMF, WORLD BANK, UNITED NATIONS, OECD, EUROPEAN UNION AND AFRICA UNION. This is the first time a black person is Chairing such committee and It is believed that, Steven will make Ghana proud and serve as a young mentor to many youth across Africa

Steven is a youth diplomat, a member of National Election Early Warning and Response Group under the Ghana National Peace Council and cutting-edge strategist with an outstanding record in both social enterprise and profit-making business. Based on his advocacy on youth employment policies and job bank strategies, he was bestowed the Most Outstanding Personality Service Award 2017 by West Africa Merit award Organization.