Tottenham Hotspur, led by Mauricio Pochettino has done their best to remain a competitive side in the English Premier League despite being very economical.

Tottenham Hotspur enjoyed a stellar campaign during last season’s Champions League and made it to the final after overturning a 3 goal deficit in the second half to make it to the finals at the expense of Ajax Amsterdam FC.

But as expected, Tottenham Hotspur lost the final 2-0 to Liverpool.

The last time Tottenham Hotspur won a trophy was in 2008 when they beat Chelsea to win the League Cup which is presently called the Capital One Cup. So it’s been 11 years since Tottenham Hotspur last won a trophy.

And so when a fan decided to have a go at Mesut Özil, Özil definately had a lot of grounds to respond savagely.

The Spurs fan spotted a player in their line-up who apparently looked like Özil and so asked “why tf is Özil in our team photo”?

Özil savagely replied, “if you look closely, you can see your trophy cabinet”, referring to the “emptiness” beside Toby Alderweireld in the line-up.