Check Out These Wonderful Before and After Deadpool Visual Effects Images


Odds are if you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, you’re going this weekend. And you should, it’s great. What’s also great about it is what the filmmakers were able to achieve with the limited (by comparison) resources. These visual effects images just scratch the surface.

The FX Guide has a fascinating breakdown of what director Tim Miller and his team did to make the Merc with the Mouth come to life on the big screen, shooting lots of real footage and enhancing it with visual effects. Here are just a few before and after images.

Minor spoilers follow. First is a shot from the film’s third act. In case you haven’t seen the movie, we won’t give any context but you can see that on set, there wasn’t much.

f8uf12i6mn5egq7qo5fakokydh13bbjaa12rnclsNext is the scene where Wade breaks out of the medical facility where he’s given powers. What’s super interesting about this is that the final shot is almost exactly the same as the original shot. Just with flames because you can’t actually burn Ryan Reynolds.

ieurwnu72rip5ncrs6ys j4eeplrpolc6igpdgg23Again, here’s a shot where the final shot is kind of similar to what was filmed. Save for the giant metal mutant, and lots of buildings in the background.

gbmtwcjrjin1t1n5xfuk rdycaqrvnoltxlg89ridAnd lastly, here’s one of the film’s most recognizable shots…and it’s 100% digital. That’s not Reynolds at all, it’s just a visual effect.

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