Twene Jonas Was A Kumawood Legend: Produced Over 60 Movies Whiles In Ghana (PHOTOS)

Twene Jonas, a young Ghanaian actor, movie producer and director who currently resides in the United States has become an online sensation in Ghana.

Twene Jonas

The US-based Ghanaian has garnered notoriety online for criticizing Ghanaian leaders whiles touting the US as ‘heaven on earth’ because their leaders are wise. Twene Jonas is popular for sayings such as “The System Is Working 24/7”, “Glass Nkoaa”, “Didi Free” or “Eat freely” and so forth.

Whiles in Ghana, he was an Executive Producer and CEO of Royal Jonas Films.

In fact, in 2016 he produced a movie titled ‘Abatuo Mu Nsem’ to educate voters on political tolerance and the need to eliminate all sorts of electoral violence that have often characterized Ghana’s elections. The movie starred Kumawood’s leading talented chaps Maame Serwaa, Salinko, Kala Kumasi, Jonas, Eugene, among other familiar faces on our screens.

He prides himself for producing 25 movies in 2016 and 30 movies in 2017, with a host of other movies which he mostly featured in as an actor.

We have compiled some of his movies below. See them