“Churches Are Now Businesses, Don’t Rely On Pastors. Pray For Yourself” – Yvonne Nelson Advises

Call it the hard truth? But the emergence of a lot of churches has had little or no positive inpact on the lives of the numerous people who attend it.

Can we say we love God if we do not love our fellow humans? Kofi Kinaata’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ and Captain KODA’s ‘Things Are Not The Same Anymore’ encapsulated all that’s wrong with today’s churches so need I say more?

Yvonne Nelson has added her voice to the growing number of people who are beginning to realise that most of the churches have being established for monetary purposes. She advised that Christians read the Bible for themselves and commit themselves to prayer since God is everyone’s Father and is also a prayer answering God.

She stressed that Christians ought not depend on their pastors and as she observed, over dependence on pastors is the premise for exploitation.

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