“We Are Living In Strange Times, Excellence Doesn’t Pay. If You Want Attention And Recognition, Be Mediocre, Senseless And Loud” – KSM Laments

Lately, a “disturbing” trend has emerged which seeks to give prudence to “foolery” and “nudity” as the fastest and surest route to achieving “celebrity” status in Ghana.

Blame it on the fact that so many people are struggling emotionally, financially and socially and hence require some kinda antidote for stress releasal? Or that people, irrespective of their financial, emotional or social status have realised the need to be happy at all times? Afterall, laughter is the best medicine for the heart….isn’t it?

Why do we welcome with open arms, the likes of Shatta Bandle, Mr. Eventuarry, Supa and the likes but in stark contrast, do not seem to care about those whose excellence may have a greater effect on the country? Unfortunate? Maybe…….but that’s the reality.

The rate at which Ghanaians give credence to folly over excellence has become a course of worry to the legendary satirist, Kweku Sintim Misa (KSM).

KSM needs answers and he needs them tricking in as soon as possible.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa


We are living in STRANGE TIMES. Excellence does not pay. If you want attention and recognition, be mediocre, senseless and loud. Don’t be shocked by how quickly society will embrace and GLORIFY you.

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According to the ace satirist, he has observed what he dubbed as “the sign of the times” citing the “worrying” fact that excellence pays no more.

As has become the trend, great attention is given to “senseless” people or if you like people who have made it their “responsibility” to put laughter in our mouths and smiles on our faces.

How is this? Ghana’s Shatta Bandle is arguably the most popular midget in Africa!

He rose to unprecedented fame after videos of him flaunting money whiles claiming to be the richest man in Africa surface online and went viral.

He has since been featured in a music video of Rudeboy of defunct music group PSquare.

So just get your “fooling” caps on! Afterall…..who “nose” tomorrow?