Mayweather’s time machine.

If extravagance was a crime, Mayweather would have definitely been sentenced to life imprisonment. The money man’s spending seems to have no boundaries and this time, he has dished out $18 million on a diamond encrusted wristwatch.

The diamond time teller marketed as “The Billionaire watch” holds the Jacob and Co brand tag, with the finishing skills of renowned jeweler Tadashi Fukushima.

Tadashi has made quite an impression on Mayweather. Mayweather has been swept of his feet by the design so much such that he has pledged not to do business with any other jeweler apart from him.

Jacob &Co presented the watch to the luxury market as “the definitive watch that truly epitomizes the brand’s passion for breaking boundaries”. “The Billionaire Watch” comes with 239 emerald-cut baguette diamond stones, each weighing up to 3 carats. The rainbow reflectors of the watch are also dispersed upon contact with light. “As the tourbillion caliber brings dynamism to its bejeweled enclosure or the ballet of light of 260 carats of diamonds illuminates its exquisitely revealed heartbeat” said the manufacturers.

The TMT embroidery at the right side of the watch

Mayweather posted an up close video of his newest time gadget on his Instagram page. The watch looks to have been commissioned alongside a custom case with diamond embroidery, spelling out his band, ‘TMT’.