Nigerians Spit Fire On The Instagram Page Of Cakir, Referee Of The Argentina V Nigeria Match

The handball incident

Nigerians were left fuming as they felt cheated by referre Cuneyt Cakir who failed to award them a second penalty.

In a desperate attempt to clear the ball after Ahmed Musa’s cross deflected onto his path, Marcos Rojo appeared to have headed the ball onto his left arm. Amid protests from the Nigerian players, Cakir went to view a video playback of the incident but didn’t find the handball worthy of a penalty.

Marcos Rojo later went on to score the winning goal in the 86th minute with a beautifully struck low volley.

The Instagram account of Cakir

Someway and somehow, some Nigerians found the official Instagram handle of the Turkish referee and it has been series of series of verbal attacks. Below are some of the comments: