The call to leadership is one call that is mostly misunderstood in our part of the world, thus Africa, to be precise, Ghana.

Time and time again, African leaders are reminded that the call to leadership is a call to servitude however, leadership has a different meaning in Ghana -call it “property owning democracy” or “politics of convenience”.

It has become an open secret that engaging in politics in Ghana has become one of the surest and easiest ways to amass undeserved wealth.

Astute content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has mocked the Presidency over it’s “insane” use of a lot of V8 vehicles as convoy to escort the President.

The “common” man is left with nothing than to calculate the amount of fuel the Presidency spends on its convoy when going to purchase “waakye”.

View the video below:

This apparent wastage of our scarce resources has become sickening!

Surely, we deserve more from our leaders!