COVID- 19 : Things you can do this lockdown

Corona Virus the pandemic that has hit the world so hard it has almost brought the world to a standstill . Governments has initiated lockdowns but its hard to stay at home all day watching TV shows , eating and sleeping. People have started complaining of boredom , some might literally commit suicide due to that.

Here is a list of things you can actually do this lockdown.

Learn public speaking .

Its a problem many people face . and as everyone is home this lockdown why dont you learn how to master public speaking online and practice around or in front of the family , everyone is going to be there and it is the best place for the most harsh criticism , its better family than an outsider.

Paper craft.

Learn paper craft with the kids ,besides going up and down the hall and making a mess, can you think of anything they’d rather do? Yes , paper craft , it would be best if you watch it online and taught the kids ,trust me they will love it . and just give them an assignment on what you learnt , go and have a good sleep whiles they keep themselves busy .

Learn a foreign language

There is enough apps and videos to help you learn a foreign language like Spanish and might even help you brush up on your French or any other language you might have forgotten .

Build up your followers on social media.

Since you don’t have much doing at home , it might give you time to create content worthy of appreciation and might end up growing your followers . You can also make fun videos with tik tok , triller and other apps , don’t forget to follow me on IG @mclordington and tag me in those .

Clean or redecorate your room .

when was the last time you raised the sofa to sweep the dust trapped beneath it? Well take this lockdown to clean your room thoroughly or even redecorate, you can even use the paper craft you made to decorate the room , change how you’ve hanged your fairy lights and rearrange the books on the shelves .

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Take advantage of the free courses some universities are offering online ,

some even come with free certificate as well. Take advantage , its not like you have much to do.

Catch up on movies and TV shows you missed.

Remember all the movies and TV series you missed because you had assignments to do, because you had work stuff? Well , voila ! You can pass out watching all of them .

Take care of your body and hair .

You have plenty of time to burnt the belly fat, tone those biceps and thighs , get some abs , plump the butt . You can also try new skincare routines , who doesn’t love a healthy skin, and treat your hair , put down the wig , pull down the braids , treat the scalp with coconut oil, rice water or even hair growth oils.

Mend those torn clothes.

We all have at least three clothes in our wardrobes or jute bags that needs to be mended. Take your time.

Try out new recipes.

Kick your culinary skills up a notch , they could be local or continental .

Have a “me” time.

A time to reflect on the past , read your journal or even go through the images on your phone , am sure you might find old memes that might still crack you up.

Bond with family and friends .

There are tons of social media apps to help you with getting in touch with those crazy friends of yours , most of them come with video calls. Get in on the family gossip , the drama uh. Don’t be left out of the family fun.

Learn diys ,hacks and tricks .

The internet is flooded with D.I.Ys ,and there are tons of hacks , tips and tricks to stuffs you find difficult to do. Just have enough data bundle .

Lastly , stay home and be safe, if hou have to go out, wear protective clothing , practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently with soap under running water , or use an alcohol based sanitizer .We shall get through this.


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