Award-winning gospel musician, Joe Mettle has in a very Pentecostal manner revealed that even though he is currently in a very serious relationship, he has never engaged in any form of sexual and romantic activity with his future Mrs.

According to him, his religion as a Christian, a staunch one at that and the fact that he has not paid for the bride price of the lady to the family traditionally, forbids him from even conceiving the idea of engaging in any activity that is even close to intimacy with her.

The “Bo Noo Ni” hitmaker also revealed in a very hilarious manner that he is coping quite well when he was asked by Nana Romeo in the interview they had on Accra FM’s mid-morning show what he did anytime he felt the desire and urge to quench the firey needs of the physical body.

He stressed that having the desire to have sex is something God in his wisdom added as a part of the human being and as such, he believes it is not wrong for one to have the desire to engage in it.

Joe, however, in a very quick manner added that since he had been able to effectively abstain after he became a born again Christian, he will survive until he settles down with this lady very soon.

Watch the video of Joe Mettle making this revelation on Nana Romeo’s show below: