WHO IS THE HOTTEST OF THEM ALL: Six Ghanaian Celebrities Wives Battle Each Other [IN PHOTOS]

Today,EonlineGhana.Com throw some photos of the wives of 6 celebrities to you – musicians, footballers and movie actors – and we ask this simple question, Who do you think should be crowned as the hottest and fairest of them all?
1. Virna Michel

We kick off with the screen bad boy Majid Michel’s wife Virna, you’ve probably seen her on your T.V screen starring in a couple of adverts….She is a real hottie!! Honestly, I’m a big fan of actor Majid Michael’s wife Virna. Beautiful and elegant — you get none of that cheap, over bleached, tattooed, green skin, fake horse hair wearing, transvestite eyelashes, Tema gal red lips, grotesque look that is permeating Ghana, Nigeria and beyond. They recently renewed their wedding vows and kinnda see why Majid cannot get enough of her!

Majid_Michel_and_Virnna_wedding-10 Majid_Michel_and_Virnna_wedding-11