E! Talk: EonlineGhana.Com Talks To Nana Sampson, A Very Promising Poet

Over the weekend, Frimpong Prince of EonlineGhana.Com had an interview with one of Ghana’s most promising writer/poet, Nana Sampson and it was quite an entertaining one. I had the chance to ask him a whole lot about his personal life, his work as an aspiring writer in Ghana where people especially the youth don’t really appreciate literature art and reading in general. He also talked about what motivates him, his challenges so far and plans for the future as a writer based in Ghana.

Read full interview below:

ThePrinceLive: Hello sir, why don’t you introduce yourself to those who don’t know much about you, who really is Nana Sampson?
Nana Sampson: Actually, my real name is Abraham Afedzi Mensah, 22yrs of age, the last of 4 Children of Mr Jonathan Kofi Mensah and the late Mrs Comfort Mensah. Currently in the university of mines and technology, reading Bsc Mining engineering.

ThePrinceLive: You write a lot of poems and stories — what’s your motivation?
Nana Sampson: I get motivated when I read people’s piece.I get swollen-headed and extra motivated when I get comments like:”wow, this is the best poem I’ve ever read.great piece, Nana, lovely story”.

That’s Nice, so how was the first poem/story you ever wrote like, was it really good or just bad and if you remember a bit of it can you share it with us?

Nana Sampson: Yh I do remember my first poem, the theme was about love but I couldn’t give it a title. I laugh out loud whenever i read it. It goes like this
From care lets begin
To understand, just me to listen
To love and be loved is not a crime
But just a matter of time
The board is white
But dark stains on it doesn’t make it bright
And it can never be right
Same to my love, though it is white
Dark doubts doesn’t seem to make it bright

Nana Sampson
Nana Sampson

ThePrinceLive: That’s a nice poem tho, impressive. Anyway, has anybody ever discouraged you from writing your poems?
Nana Sampson: Oh no, no one has ever discouraged me. I get positive feedback, but I do remember one of my brothers warned me to concentrate on my books and stop this poetry thing, but of course that was before he read my poems, he loves it now.

ThePrincelive: Was there a time in your life that you ever felt discouraged to write and what was it about?
Nana Sampson: There were times I discouraged myself, I thought I wasnt good at this poetry stuff and that it will take me nowhere. I stopped for a while until I met ICHIBANGOD, he was my turning point. I got a new perspective about poetry and literature as a whole.

ThePrinceLive: Oh Ok. So how do people generally react to your write-ups — is it very positive or just normal?
Nana Sampson: People love my poems but these days I feel lazy to write. I write on the request of people. They love my poems, I should say.

ThePrinceLive: Still on that subject, has anybody ever made a comment about your write-ups, maybe they said it was boring that it almost discouraged you?
Nana Sampson:Yh! I have this close friend of mine callee Ratty, he is also good a friend. He tells me whenever he sees a flaw in my poetry. He once told me the vocabular I use in my poems are too strong so I should reduce it a bit so that everyone can appreciate it. I take the comments, work on them to revamp this talent I have.

ThePrinceLive: Glad to hear that! Anyway, how do you see the literature industry in Ghana?
Nana Sampson: Literature in Ghana is improving, but hasn’t reached that pedestal yet. We have more room for improvement. It is about time we invested in literature in Ghana.

Nana Sampson
Nana Sampson

I also had the same thought. So tell us, do you dream of writing a novel someday?

Nana Sampson: Hahaha, I started writing a novel way back in SHS. I wrote about a few chapters, but then, I discouraged myself. But hey, why not? It is a nice idea. I would love to write a story someday

ThePrinceLive: Glad I came up with that idea. In your own view, what was the title of your favorite write-up ever?
Nana Sampson: My favorite poem? Very difficult, but I would choose EROTIC NIGHT. A lot of my fans would disagree with me though.

ThePrinceLive: Hmm, that poem tho! Was there a time in your life that a character in your write-up got confused with a person in real life.
Nana Sampson: Yes.that is true.I do sometimes write about poeple.

ThePrinceLive: Who is your favorite author/poet?
Nana Sampson: My favorite author is Dan Brown. My favorite poet is my friend, mentor,Ichibangod.

ThePrinceLive: Has he ever inspired you in your write-ups?
Nana Sampson: Yes he has, Dan Brown, is a special author, his stories are different. I love reading Ichibangod’s poems, I always challenge myself to work on any theme he writes on. The funny thing is, he sees me as a top top poet.

ThePrinceLive: Amazing, so how has the journey been so far for you– I mean in your quest to become a famous poet?
Nana Sampson: It hasn’t been easy, honestly, my greatest challenge I have now is combining studies with this poetry stuff.
I signed up for a crew act at Accra: Urban Roll Factory Band. I performed my first spoken word last year, but haven’t gotten the time to perform again. It is tough these days, but I know I have brighter days ahead.

Nana Sampson
Nana Sampson

ThePrinceLive: Wow that’s was your reaction when you felt people were actually reading and appreciating your works?
Nana Sampson: It feels great. It puts a smile on my face. As I said earlier, such appreciation motivates me a lot.

ThePrinceLive: You asked me before the interview not to talk about too personal stuff, but has any girl hurt you so much that you put it into your writing — if so what was the title?
Nana Sampson: Hahahaha, yes I did. I’m a reserved person and I don’t like talking about too personal stuff. But to answer your question, yes someone has hurt me once.

ThePrinceLive: Before I get too personal let’s wrap everything up, what message do you have for Ghanaians and your readers out there?
Nana Sampson: Everywhere I go, I carry this message along, LOVE WITH AN OPEN HEART. Nana Sampson loves you all.God be with you.

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