Angel Obinim was all over social media after Kennedy Agyapong showed evidence of his alleged affairs with some side chicks.

Though the self styled Angel apologised to Ken Agyapong and urged the latter to cease fire, Ken asserted that he will go all out to expose the former and wouldn’t accept any apologies whatsoever.

And so a lot of people are anxiously hoping that the corona virus is effectively dealt with so that lives are preserved as well as to enable Ken Agyapong release more evidence on the evils of the Angel.

However, Criss Waddle has also issued some words of caution to the self styled Angel and warned that he will slap him with the kind of slap that can make one go dumb if he hears Obinim shouting when the corona virus is finally eradicated.

Criss Waddle pointed out to the sicknesses that Obinim claims he can cure and urged him to do magic and find a cure to the corona virus.

Pastors who claim they cure diseases are simply lost because ultimately, it is God who does the healing!