Condom Free Sex May Now Be A Possibility With Just One Shot Of This New Injection

Condom free sex! For real? This is the moment every guy has been waiting for.

Researchers have found a new contraceptive, Vasalgel, that can provide men condom free sex for a year!


The inventors Parsemus Foundation, a US based non profit, were excited to see that their tests on rabbits were far better than expected. Once the gel was injected, 12 rabbits out of 13 became azoospermic, had no quantifiable sperm in their semen. 1 rabbit still showed a few sperms but soon joined the others in azoospermic zone.

The results were so great that Human trials of the contraceptive are going to begin at the end of this year.

On the basis of their tests on rabbits, researchers concluded that the effects of the drug last for 12 months and is potentially reversible. It’s contents, styrene-alt-maleic acid (SMA) dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide could make it a one of a kind long-acting, non-hormonal, male contraceptive in the market.


So far there have been no reversible contraceptives for men, on the other hand condoms aren’t one hundred percent effective


condom free

Pregnancies even with the proper use of condoms is about 18% a year and the only other option is vasectomy, which is not reversible. So men have no real alternatives to using condoms. But Vasalgel can change the whole game.

Elaine Lissner, executive director of Parsemus Foundation commented, “Contraceptive development is a hugely expensive project. But, this is not just another early-stage lead. We are so close on this one. It is time to finish the job we have started,”

We are totally on the same wavelength Elaine, It is time to finish the job.