Could Sarkodie Be Less Attracted To Women Or Is He Just Respectful?

I had a very interesting conversation with one of my friends sometime ago and this issue about Sarkodie showing less interest in ladies — more precisely the video models popped up.

So my guy was basically saying that he thinks Sarkodie​ is “gay-ish” (and please I’m using -ish in this context because I don’t want to sound disrespectful to Sarkodie in any way) because the dude will never grind the ladies no matter how many butts come for him in his videos.

Have you realized that too? He however drew my attention to his “pon da tin” video with Banky W which clearly showed Obidi wasn’t interested in any of the ladies who were literally raining in the house whiles Banky on the other hand was busily making out with every lady he came across.

To confirm this I watched most of his old videos including one of his songs with Danso Abeam titled “belly dancer” and I was kinda convinced…
So my question is, is it that Sarkodie has a lot of respect for ladies in general and therefore finds that act a disrespect to him or is that he respect himself so much not to be involved in dry humping these ladies or it’s basically that the dude is “half man” lol?
Abeg make the Sarkodie fans no vex for this one because I am not the one saying it, someone suggested it and I want to know why?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has witnessed this so kindly leave your suggestions below and please it must be void of insults..