SHAME: Delay, Caroline & Ahuofe Patri Fought Online For Publicity Sake!

So was the Delay and Caroline beef all fake and a plan created by the two media personalities or Caroline took it personal?

Information reaching indicates that the whole back and forth social media drama between the two women was all an act.

The shots started flying when Delay ‘punched’ YouTube star Ahuofe Patri for allegedly trying to use her supposed brand name on picture sharing platform ( Instagram ).

Days after the post went viral,Caroline Sampson,a Radio and Television personality fired back with a tweet advising Delay to grow up and stop behaving like a child .

Since then the twitter war has gotten nasty and personal, but more than anything else .

Sources close to Ahuofe patri and Delay insist that the feud between the two media personalities is 100% fake.

The supposed beef is a publicity stunt to promote a television series dubbed Cocoa Brown featuring Ahuofe Patri as the lead character.

The upcoming tv series is produced by Delay, and features Moesha Boduong , Keche and other showbiz personalities.

Check out Behind The Scenes Photo of Cocoa Brown

Check out Keche's Caption Above and The Last Comment Below (6weeks ago)
Check out Keche’s Caption Above and The Last Comment Below (6weeks ago)


Cocoa Brown Official Logo
Cocoa Brown Official Logo

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By Eugene Nyavor/GhLinks