Pappy Kojo Is Never A Threat To Me – Kofi Kinaata

Kofi Kinaata does not see fellow Fante rapper, Pappy Kojo as a threat. The musician on Class FM in Accra stated that they are all Takoradi rappers trying their best to project their city.

“Pappy Kojo is never a threat to me. We are all trying to push T’adi music to the world. We are all promoting T’adi together”.

“It’s just like Ghana where we have Minister of Tourism, Minister of that, and they are all working to promote Ghana to the world same as Pappy Kojo and I. Both of us are promoting T’adi together, so he is not a threat to me at all, never.”

He again disclosed how he gained his stage name, Kofi Kinaata.

“So the name on my birth certificate is Martin King Arthur. I just manipulated it someway and that’s how come I have the name Kofi Kinaata as by showbiz name today.”