Reggie & Bollie Inspired My Next Play – Uncle Ebo

Uncle Ebo Whyte has revealed that his upcoming play, One Million Pounds, was inspired by Reggie & Bollie, runners-up of the 2015 edition of X-Factor reality show in the UK.

Reggie & Bollie
Reggie & Bollie

He made the revelation last Sunday while reacting to questions at a press viewing of the latest stage play.

According to him, Reggie and Bollie inspired the play but events that take place in the play are fictional.

The new play will be staged on March 26, 27, 28 and April 2, 3 and 4 at 8pm each day at the National Theatre.

It is expected to get people asking questions about what really happened to Reggie & Bollie behind the scenes while they were on X-Factor.

Basically, One Million Pounds is a play about an ambitious young man called Kafui, who does not allow himself to be swayed by money.

He leads a group of four (JAMA) to the finals of a UK reality show, fulfilling his dream.

The group which has won the hearts of fans worldwide survives the politics of a system that only plans to take it out. One Million Pounds is an inspiring story of determination and fighting the odds even when all seem lost.

The new play adds to Uncle Ebo Whyte’s written and directed plays such as What’s My Name, Men Run Women Cry, Dad is Mom, Mom is Dad, The Day Came, Smartest Man Alive, Forbidden, Women on Fire, Games Men Play and Bananas and Groundnuts among others.

Source: daily guide