Ghanaian Dancehall Artist Reveals Why She Prefers To Let Her Boobs Hang Loose

Budding Ghanaian dancehall artist Ebony Reigns prefers to let loose her cupcakes and it’s for a reason.

The musician who burst onto the music scene not long ago with her single ‘Dance floor’ in an interview with Kwesi Dope on Spyder Lee Entertainment TV’s mid morning flagship show, THE BRUNCH, said brassieres are overrated and that she prefers to let her oranges hang freely.

Ebony Reigns
Ebony Reigns

According to her, she feels more comfortable not wearing a bra and that she wears them once in a while.

She also believed dancehall music female dancehall artistes must show some level of explicit and hotness in their craft. This entails exposing some flesh and skin hence her reason for letting loose her cupcakes.

Source: Ebenezer Donkoh/