COVID-19: How Period Of Qurarantine Restored The Love Between A Hubby And Wife; Hubby Dumps Side Chick (+WhatsApp Chats)

Stay home! Stay home! Stay home! Be safe! Be safe! Be safe! has been the clarion call to everyone midst the outbreak of the corona virus.

However, little did we know that such a period of staying home, also known as being in quarantine will provide a perfect opportunity for married couples to reconnect hence driving side chicks out of employment.

A Whatsapp chat sighted by details how a hubby got reconnected to his wife as a result of the period of quarantine, resulting in the hubby dumping his side chick for good!

According to the man who was identified as Ikechukwu, since the onset of the coronavirus, his wife has being behaving well and has started giving him sex regularly hence sees no need for the ‘services’ of a side chick.

Ikechukwu reiterated his love for his family. However, this side chick wouldn’t give up and rained curses on Ikechukwu but Ikechukwu slammed his side chick for being a baby, citing that he only used her to satisfy his libido since he wasn’t getting it regularly from his wife.

Ikechukwu also warned his side chick against destroying what God has put togethr thus his marriage and lovely family.

Ikechukwu also pointed out to his side chick that he paid her after she rendered her services to him hence there’s no need for her to be ranting.

Ikechukwu also pointed out to his side chick that she was rather demanding for more sex……..who used who?

Lessons for the side chicks, eh?