“Religion is the opium of the people” – simply means that when people become insanely attached to their religious beliefs, there is the tendency to lose the ability to reason logically culminating in total chaos and disaster; thoughts about humanity gets relegated to the background.

If there’s anything the corona virus has taught us then it’s that nothing and i repeat, absolutely nothing can replace human life. Everything has being brought to a standstill: no church, no sports, no entertainment…….in order that human lives be preserved.

However, the supposed modern day pastors who are behaving like the proverbial bat thus hanging up but always looking downwards have left more to be desired with respect to how they’ve reacted to the corona virus.

Pardon me but I am yet to hear of a church in Ghana which has given out at least hand sanitizers (which has become more valuable than gold) to its members.

However, technology has been fully exploited in order to ensure that the church does not lose its stream of income – codes have being activated to ensure that members still pay their tithes and offerings.

DKB has expressed worry over how some churches are still aggressively interested in taking their tithes and he has explained that such actions are making the Gospel very difficult to defend.

It is almost shocking to note that those who are “gloriously” professsing Jesus Christ are oblivious to the fact that Christ always ensured that he provided for his “flock” when they gathered to listen to him. (John 6)

But what can we say? It’s not my money so……………..

Source: EonlineGH.com