COVID-19; The Maker’s Chapel International Begins Humanitarian Donation For The Needy And Destitute

It can be recalled that religious organizations have come under serious criticisms for failing to care for its members like a shepherd would do for his/her sheep.

To narrow it down to the church, some churches including Action Chapel, Winners Chapel and KICC have also being criticised for introducing short codes through which their members can pay tithes and offerings despite the severity of the corona virus and the individuals within the countries they are operating undergoing mandatory quarantine.

It is not known whether these churches are ‘secretly’ reaching out to the needy/its members just like Jesus Christ advised but what’s real is that because of technological advancement, it’s very difficult for such good works to go unnoticed.

However, The Maker’s House Chapel (TMHCI) has followed in the good steps of the Church of Pentecost.

TMHCI has realized the severity of the times we are in and is set to reach 1,500 less privileged households in Ghana irrespective of their religious background and such be supported with cook packaged food, bottled water, hand sanitizers and antibacterial handwash.

One can call 0208159507 if in need of the relief items.

A van has also being readied to distribute the relief items to the needy.

To support TMHCI, one can also contact 0242651878.

I hope that TMCI is transparent with the support it receives by publicly declaring what it received in order to ensure that more people do not lose faith in the church.

That notwithstanding, KUDOS to TMCI!