Five things Ghanaians Are Excited About On The 4th Nation’s Address On The Corona Virus Pandemic

Aside the major reason for the season which is to strategize against the pandemic, the address proved a few things Ghanaians are confident about. Even though he wore a fabric of drop of tears (anisuo), which signifies that he is grieving, he found a way to give the observers hope.  These are evident in the tweets below

The announcement of the establishment of the COVID-19 fund.

The fact that COVID 19 fund has been set up for contributions, and Nana Addo has announced a 3 months’ salary as seed money for the fund is enough reason to be excited amidst the trying times. The tweet below and above highlights this

Others are excited about the composure he has kept even as events of the crisis unfolds, see tweet below

Latest restrictions advocated for by some observers and analysts of the pandemic crisis

That the government has consistently put measures in place to limit and halt the spread of the virus across the country. The latest restrictions made under the Impositions of restrictions on movement of persons in the Greater Accra region including Tema and Kasoa and the greater part of Kumasi Metropolitan area. This sounds like a difficult thing to do but it better addresses the citizens anxiety against mass hysteria and panic since it is aimed at halting the further spread of the virus. The two weeks lock down sounds like an answered prayer Ghanaians have been praying for. Based on the comments from Ghanaians especially on social media, it’s a good sign of precautionary measures undertaken by the President to salvage the pandemic situation. See tweet below

The selection of facility for mandatory quarantine is being carried out

This shall be affected through the distribution of 17000 coveralls, three hundred and fifty thousand, (350,000) masks, seventeen thousand (17,000) goggles, 2400 non -contact thermometers, 25000 sanitizers, and 30,000 test kits for health care personnel. According the address they are recruiting 1000 community health workers and additional 1000 volunteers to help in this endeavour. One hundred pick-up vehicles and 2500 tablets have been mobilized for the exercise.

A possible relief for the business ecospace

We are providing additional relief, such as extension of the tax filing date from April to June. A two percent reduction of interest rates by banks effective 1st April, 2020; the granting by the banks of a six months moratorium of principal repayments to entities in the airline and hospitality industries, that is hotels, restaurants, car rentals, food vendors, taxis and uber operators. All other sector credit exposures will be reviewed on a cases by cases basis.

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