In a bid to be practical in his teaching as specified under the new basic school curriculum, a Maths teacher at the Calvary Redemption School at Ashongman in the Ga East Municipality carried one of his pupils on his neck to demonstrate Proper and Improper fractions, ABC News can report.

In a dramatic fashion, Solomon Godzi, in a viral video, carried the pupil on his neck and spread his arms to demonstrate Proper Fraction.

“This is a proper fraction where you have the smaller number on top and the bigger number down,” he said to his pupils who responded in the affirmative.

The teacher, in his explanation of an improper fraction, asked the same pupil to carry him on his neck, a demonstration that threw the class into excitement as the pupil could not do so.

“This is improper fraction whereby you have the bigger number on top and then the smaller number down,” he said while partially hanging on the neck of the pupil.

In an interview with ABC News, Solomon explained that the demonstration, which occurred Tuesday morning, was to enable his students in Class Two get a better understanding of the topic.


Solomon, who has been teaching for eight years, has spent the last six years of his teaching career at the Calvary Redemption School.

“Henceforth, I am going to apply more demonstrations in my lessons,” he said.

It appears that some basic school teachers have bought into the idea of resorting to theatrical techniques to enable their students to understand their teachings.

In a similar fashion, another basic school teacher, in a viral video, employed dramatic dance moves to demonstrate action verbs, while her students loudly assisted her with a song.

Watch video below: