“Don’t Repeat The Mistake Of A Selective Lockdown. Announce A Nationwide Lockdown” – DKB Urges President Nana Addo

The surge in the number of corona virus cases in Ghana (834 cases) has got it’s citizenry disturbed as they anxiously wait to be addressed by the President later on in the day. However, the rumor mill has it that a total lockdown of the country is to be expected.

Is there really a need for a total lockdown? DKB has urged the President to announce a total lockdown and he has premised it on highly convincing arguments.

As observed, when the initial lockdown was announced and prior to the time the lockdown was to take effect, a lot of people travelled to the ‘non-locked down’ areas in order to have their “freedom of movement” intact.

However, considering the nature of the virus and the number of cases recorded, it will be disastrous if people are still able to travel from one town to the other as it could lead to a faster spread of the virus hence the need for for a total lockdown of the country.

As an alternative, he also suggested that the President announces a nationwide lockdown vis a vis an intensive lockdown on areas where cases of the corona virus has been recorded in order to restrict movement amd prevent further spread of the virus.

Watch the video below: