Disastrous And Bizarre: Used Nose Masks Are Being Washed And Re-sold To Unsuspecting Public

These are really trying times for a lot of people; there’s a lockdown but a means of survival must be found. I am in no way supporting or justifying the act of re-selling used nose masks to the public however, what must be noted is the extreme people can go if they feel that their survival is at risk.

A Twitter user with the name @Ojbest5 has brought to the public eye a bizarre act of some sellers who are picking up used nose-masks, getting them washed and re-selling them to the unsuspecting public.

Whiles it is true that some of the people washing and re-selling used nose masks are doing it out of ignorance hence the need for heightened education on the corona virus, especially in the rural areas, it is also true that some are doing it not out of ignorance but out of sheer wickedness born out of a desire to maximize profits irrespective of the consequences.

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In the light of this, it is imperative that we ensure that we buy nose-masks from the right places and eschew buying relatively cheaper nose-masks because, there is nothing bigger than life itself.

Though this incident took place in Nigeria, it is imperative that the security services and citizens in other countries be on the look out so that those who have ventured into this bizarre act will be apprehended.

This is definitely not the time to maximise profits at the expense of humanity – truth is there’s never such a time.

Source: EOnlineGH.com


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