BEWARE Of The Imposter Using A Fake Dr. Prophet Kofi Oduro Facebook Account To Dupe People

It’s extremely difficult to understand what goes on in the head of some humans. In this trying times of the corona virus, people are still planning how to cheat their fellow humans. Well, because all humans do nat have good intentions, it is imperative that we channel a lot of our energy towards buinding a lifestyle of verification. It’s not easy but we must adopt it as a lifestyle.

There is an imposter using a fake facebook page of Dr. Prophet Kofi Oduro to dupe unsuspecting people of their monies.

This was made known by Dr. Prophet Kofi Oduro via his actual Facebook handle.

See the modus operandi of the imposter below:

These are critical times and we must apply the discipline of verification to ensure that we are not duped. Let’s beware.