Cris Waddle Recounts His Bitter Experience, Slams Church Of Pentecost

The Church, The House of God, The Temple, whatever it’s name ought to be has come under serious scrutiny for quite sometime.

The charge? Most churches have been singled out for establishing their own mandates, contrary to their actual divine mandate of winning souls and making the world a better place.

What we now see is s display of opulence, wealth and arrogance from the top hierarchy in most churches.

The church has gradually lost it’s foothold and is now associated with materialism, contrary to what it ought to stand for.

Popular musician, Cris Waddle has recounted an inhumane treatment which was meted out to him and his mom.

A young Cris Wadle and his mother were denied shelter at Tema Community 5’s branch of the Church of Pentecost. The reason?

Hmmm….According to Waddle, it was because he was told that the empty rooms at the church’s mission house was reserved for senior pastors.