Right Handed Or Left Handed? Here’s What You Need To Know

Use your left to receive or give something to a Ghanaian and you will receive the roasting of your life. You will be labelled as undisciplined, untrained and ill-brought up.

However, in other countries, it isn’t the same. Of course we have our culture but then any culture which outlives its purpose must be thrown away. Mustn’t it?

The basic reason for regarding the right hand as the “correct” hand to use as research suggests is because nine out of ten people are right handed. Simply put, there are a lot more right handed people than left handed people and that is why it makes using the left hand quite absurd.

In Ghana, it is an open secret that children who are naturally left handed are trained to use their right hand since our culture doesn’t ‘permit’ using the left hand to give or receive things.

How ready are we to accept the fact that it isn’t wrong to use the left hand to give or receive things since there are others whose left hand are their dominant hand?